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  • dragi bitolcani,

  • we molim mi treba telefonski broj of dr. nikola videv koj e od bitola, 
    robotese vo beograd, a sega misllim da zivee vo nemacka.
    fala mnogo. millie nikolich
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    Tel: 00355 42 41727 
    Tel-Fax: 00355 42 33866 

    To: Macedonian Media 
    Dear colleague! 
    We are Albanian Independent News Agency "TIR-FAX". We are a private news agency totally impartial. Our daily news cover political, economic, 
    culture, religious, art and sport field in Albania. We would like to 
    cooperate with you whether it is of interest for you. We are looking 
    forward to your respond. Thank you. 

    Best regards, 
    Bexhet Haxhiu 
    Editor-in-chief of AINA "TIR-FAX" 

  • hello,
I am Hans from holland and i like to a-mail with someone from Macedonia. 
I was there for a vacation years ago in Ohrid. I hope the war will be over very soon and i wish you all the best. My age is 38, and i like to email with a person from Macedonia. Please send me a e-mail. 

Hope to hear soon from you.Bey!!!!!!! 


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