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MakNet does a lot - and below you'll find information on the many products,
services and special features we have that give you the best possible experience on MakNet, and on the Web. We’re always working on new ideas to make Internet navigation faster, easier, more fun and more effective, so come back often - to make sure you don’t miss anything!
MakNet Channels delivers information to you the way you’re used to getting it: in topic-based sections like in the newspaper or on TV. Each channel contains similar features such as topical news, a directory of relevant sites, bulletin boards, chat, and the ever-present search box. You’ll also find features and information unique to each channel that make it the best resource for its particular subject area. Our channels are produced by web-savvy people with expertise in their channel’s subject area, so you always know you’re getting the best information available on the Web today.
Search technology gives you access to more than  Web pages, Web site listings, and thousands of Usenet postings in famous search engines around the WWW. MakNet searches the ent{re Web for documents containing related concepts, not just the keywords you entered. For instance,when you search for "dog care," MakNet will bring you pages containing "pet grooming," even if the words "dog" and "care" are not actually on the page. Maknet also provides features of help you make your searches precise. More information on MakNet Search is available in our search search help section.

Also MakNet provides searching on his own pages which contains information of the Macedonian pages advertised on Maknet. This search in future will be upgraded into power search engine! For this search is also avelible Maknet  search help topic!

MakNet News contains:
  • Search for famoust newpapers and newspapers stories
  • Famous web news channels in all categories
  • Other MakNet news channel, which contains weather informations & Macedinian News section (this  new section gives You the Lastest news from Macedonian Newspapers, and it will be upgreadet by time)
We know you have something to tell the world, and we have two ways you can do it. MakNet Chat let you express yourself on any topic you choose by starting your own discussion group or joining one that started days ago. Unlike Chat, these discussions are not live. You can read or add comments to them whenever you like. Chat is live. You can talk with someone right now, join an ongoing conversation, meet new people, and come and go as you please. (this section will be averible when IRC Server  will be running in the
future on the Unet Internet Provider!)
Advertising on the Web is fundamentally different from advertising on other media. The ability to target and interact with your customers on the Web brings an entirely new edge to marketing. MakNet offers advertising for All internet users (email address, web pages, etc) and advertising for macedonian users (mali oglasi od razni oblasti).
For other information contact us on email: or via advertising section!

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